PROMOTING innovation

At Windward Gold, our business is enhancing US National Security by aligning Defense requirements with our cutting edge technology partners. Through tailored Buisness Development, Product Design and Strategy efforts, we have the programs and services to ensure success.

Predicated on two decades of experience solving difficult problems in austere locations, Windward Gold is prepared to enhance your technology’s product-market fit with the needs of the US Government.

design consulting

Through an in-depth understanding of US Defense requirements, our team is uniquely positioned to advise technology adaptations that ensure enhanced fit with emerging US Government requirements.


Out team of experienced Foreign Policy experts provide training and mentorship on all aspects of Crisis Response planning and execution on behalf of the US Government both at home and abroad.

Bona Fide Agent

Operating from a foundation of integrity, Windward Gold offers consultation and relationship facilitation to ensure mutually beneficial corporate-governmental relationships that enhance National Security.